Primary questions

What do I get in the standard (HTML5/CSS3) package?

We`ve included a great deal of options in the default package for you:

  • We use W3C Valid HTML5 as coding type and CSS3 features for this package.
  • Each project we create uses table-less code, with table tags being used for tabular data only. Baked into every project is our formula for search engine optimization. Our code is already organized in a semantic fashion, making sure that copy (text) is highly positioned in the code, this way advertising or other less important content (from the search engine's perspective) is placed below it. No inline styles or JavaScript will appear in your code, presentation/user experience effects are completely separated from the markup.
  • Cross browser compatibility is what we are here for. We test our code thoroughly in all modern browsers: the latest stable versions of Safari 13+, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge and Google Chrome.
  • At no extra cost to you, we provide the integration of one level, fly-out menus when included in your original design.

What is responsive layout?

Responsive layout is the approach that suggests that web page elements change their size and position based on screen size and/or orientation. This functionality is based on the use of CSS Media Queries, as well as flexible layouts and images. Please make sure to provide designs for desktops (1024px), tablets (768px), and mobile devices (320px).

How do you make my life easier?

By converting your Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Fireworks artwork into CSS/HTML code and optionally implementing it so you don't have to! We handle it all: AJAX/JavaScript, CSS, HTML, CSS drop-downs/flyouts, mouseovers, file optimization; saving you time and headaches at a fair price.

How is your work priced?

To keep things simple, we charge by the page. A new page is any page that uses a different layout or provides different content. Just count them up when you place your order. Multiple page orders are automatically discounted.
If we come across an unusually complex layout, implementation, and/or custom scripting requirements or other distinctive features, we will contact you immediately if additional work is required on our end in order to deliver the results that you and/or your client want.

Do you design websites?

Our focus is on one service, code production, and the delivery of that service to the highest standards. We can help with your site construction and all of our renderings are pure SEO friendly, but this is not done in our web department; if that's what you need just tell us and we'll get you to the right team here.

What CMS versions can you implement?

Your artwork can be implemented into blogs: WordPress; e-Commerce software: Magento Community Edition, Shopify; and other popular CMS such as: Drupal, Joomla!. We work with the latest stable versions of the software mentioned above.

How about web development/programming?

We stay focused on markup and implementation here at W3M. We don't do any behind-the-curtain programming or work with your database.

Do you do SEO and SEM?

Yes, all of the markup is optimized for search engine spiders and semantics, i.e. SEO-friendly. So no additional effort required on your end to be indexed by search engines.

Do you work in Flash or ActionScript?

We don't do flash development, however, if your site contains Flash elements, please upload them with the project or insert placeholders where you plan to place these elements.

How will we collaborate?

The client area intranet and live chat are our communication methods. Need AJAX functionality? Just let us know. Using jQuery? Tell us so we can mark-up each page to your exact specs. We work in your direction and to your specs.

How are pages counted when I save the design as a theme?

You still must indicate when ordering the number of pages where the layout changes, even within the theme.

How do you price AJAX stuff?

Depends a lot on how much the page changes. Let us take a look at it and we'll let you know the cost.

How do you deliver your work?

We can save your artwork as skins, themes for blogs, templates, CMS or shopping cart. These "working files" are typically zipped and emailed to you.

Can I send work a page at a time?

If that works best for you. Only thing is you lose out on the quantity discount mentioned above. We're here to work with you so we'll adapt to your preferences and needs. No problem. But do keep in mind that the more you give us up front the faster we can give you feedback and turn everything around for you.

Do you identify AJAX functionality, Flash and other page elements before producing code?

It's best if you give us short comments about how the design works and we'll take it from there. We don't want to make any mistakes so it's best to have all the input we can.

Can you code in other languages?

Sure can, but please be as specific as you can with the requirements. Different browsers vary on how well they provide character support for some languages.

What about email?

We conduct email testing on: Google Mail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook.com, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook 2007+.

How does your stuff look on mobile phones?

Looks great. You also get the liberty to specify which mobile device you need compatibility with. Just list the mobile platforms you’d like the markup to be tested under in the comments section. We’ll get you a quote for this option ASAP after we investigate your designs and requirements.

Submission Made Easy

What do you need to process my order?

  • We need the "unflattened" source file (Photoshop or Fireworks file) of the page or element you want produced. Give us a call if you have questions about the format. We handle most of them, so it shouldn't be a problem.
  • Flattened images so we know what the finished page is supposed to look like.
  • Provide any project-specific notes in the space provided on the submission form or in your Photoshop file itself.
  • Font files if you're using something custom or special.

Format for Submission

Photoshop PSD is preferred, please. Un-flattened pages.

What about submitting a finished site that needs rework?

Zip up the files and send them with your order.

How do I upload dropdown and flyout menus, rollovers and other effects?

Maintain a separate layer of dynamic elements within the source file you upload. It'll also help to have a flattened image and any special notes regarding your specific requirements for that page.


Will the code work on PCs and Macs?

100%, for all popular browsers. If you have more specific requirements let us know!

Got a list of supported browsers, please?

We include the latest stable versions of Mozilla Firefox, Safari 13+, Google Chrome, Edge and Opera by default.

What about accessibility, screen readers and all that?

If you need it, drop us an email and let our coders have a look. We're comfortable with relative font sizes (em or %), Section 508 / DDA / WCAG 2.0 Level 2, Window-Eyes and JAWS compliance as well as others.

Do you use microformats?

Absolutely! They're great. We integrate them whenever possible. We can easily adapt the formats like hCalendar, geo, hCard, hReview, rel and anything else you like.

Can you embed my Flash files?

Sure can. And to ensure that you’re 100% W3C compliant, we use JavaScript to embed SWF files usually.

Can you employ advanced JavaScript into my design?

Yep. We use it all the time and we'll provide you with a quote if you email us the details. Our coders work with native JavaScript and all major jQuery frameworks.


How can I pay?

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover and PayPal.

When do I pay you?

Currently, we accept upfront payments only.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! The larger the volume, the larger the discount. Let us know what you need.

Can I get a refund if I'm not happy?

Sure. We offer a 100% refund if we miss the deadline without notice. Easy. Before we refund, we'll do everything we can to make you and your client happy.

What currency do you use?

United States Dollars.


Will you sign an NDA?

Sure. Please request it from W3M manager and we will provide it immediately. If you need your version of NDA, send it over for our investigation and we will let you know if we can sign it.

I don't want my client to know I outsource!

Our service is a discreet, time and money saving, made specially for website designers and developers. We don't talk. Period.

Can I access code and CSS for future changes?

You bought it, you own it. Nothing is locked so you or any other designer can update the site any time. Try it and see.

Delivery Times

What do you call a business day?

Place your order anytime, we'll start looking at it at the start of the next business day (unless you send it in right before the start of business).

Do you guarantee delivery times?

Just give us the date and we'll do everything we can to get it done. Also remember that designs have varying complexities to code, so even though you may request a specific deadline or expect a price provided by the order system, we do have to confirm that your expectations are possible before we start. Dedicating resources to rush projects is not an issue, however we have to evaluate artwork and requirements before we commit to deadlines and pricing.

Fix Its

Do you do your revisions?

Just let us know in your client area that you need something updated. Depending on what it is and its complexity, we will either do it for free or discuss an additional fee. Your client area never closes. We work until you are happy. The end.