Clients & Projects

Good service... great prices and nice people, too.

Dick Urban, VP Black Gumdrop Designs

... these guys just get it and have the keys to something special. They took the ConceptShare API and integrated our service in a way that we never thought of. A smart solution to a common outsourcing problem. Very clever indeed!

Scott Brooks, ConceptShare

W3 Markup took a jumble and produced a clean XHTML/CSS template from my rough sketch. Very smooth from start to finish. And they gave me a bunch of free advice that makes my site look even better. A+++

Mark Lutz Advertising

Wow! They have done an amazing job with our project. I can't thank them enough, I have been searching for a company to do just this and I am very thankful to have found W3 MARKUP. I will definitely be working with them in future with more of our projects. Once again, thank you W3 MARKUP!

Raymond Benc, phpFox

If you're looking for a company to manage converting your graphics, go with W3 Markup. They turned around a tough job in less than a day. Excellent service.

Addison AV

We gave W3 MARKUP a website with more than 70 unique pages and a variety of layouts and asked them to put the whole thing into a custom WordPress theme. W3 MARKUP didn't miss a single detail and even wrote custom functions to make the future management of the site easier on us. Throughout the entire process, they were courteous, attentive, and always willing to do whatever we asked to ensure that we were 100% satisfied with their work. Outstanding job, I'd work with them again in a second.

Blake Stuchin, Access Capital